Background on Mr Thabang Mathibe

Mr Thabang Mathibe is a B Proc graduate, having qualified in 1989 at the University of the North. After completing his internship (articles) he pursued a career in the corporate sector. Mr Mathibe joined Legal-Wise in 1994 as a legal advisor and was soon serving as a Special Projects Manager in the office of the Managing Director.

As a Special Projects Manager he was for the first time exposed to the various cross functional areas of the business world to wit, inter alia, marketing, operations and finance, for the most part his extensive experience lies within the area of Insurance.

In 1996 he was appointed and mandated together with another employee to set up a new company, Scorpion Legal Protection. This company was to conduct business in direct competition with Legal-Wise, although focusing on servicing a totally different market but also selling legal expenses insurance policies.
These responsibilities afforded him the opportunity to perform all the necessary tasks required to float a new company and execute essential activities necessary to render the business enterprise a viable and self-sustaining business entity.

He served Scorpion Legal Protection in lead management role for a period of ten years and then left in 2005 to pursue other business interests which unfortunately did not materialise mainly due to lack of financial support.
From 2006 until 2012 he was appointed by the SABC as a General Manager: Litigation and administration, a position in which he was attending to overseeing all litigation matters for the SABC. It is while serving in this position that he got exposed to matters involving intellectual property and took particular interest in those related to music and royalties.

During his tenure at SABC he would on numerous occasions when required serve as the Acting GE: Legal and Regulatory affairs, which is the most senior position in the Legal Division, reporting directly to the Group Chief Executive Officer.

As Acting GE: Legal and Regulatory affairs, he was the ex-officio member of the Group Executive Committee which is the highest Executive decision making body within the Corporation that falls just below the Board of Directors. In this position he would from time to time interact with various Committees of the Board particularly those whose mandates involve general risk and compliance assessment. He would also present reports on contingent liabilities and their potential or possible financial impact on the Organisation. These reports would invariably include causes or material issues that led to litigation in the first place, strategies to deal with same and how these could be prevented in future.

In general, he has gained valuable and extensive knowledge in Corporate and Commercial experience and related areas that include technical areas in relation to Litigation. Another area in which he specialises is in the field of Copyright. He is equally experienced in areas related to the various fields in Broadcasting and the technical issues related thereto.

As Acting Head of the Legal Department at SABC Thabang Mathibe dealt extensively with Public Law legislations i.e. the Public Finance Management Act and other related Legislative Instruments regulating State owned entities and Government Departments. He would from time to time supervise the handling of matters at ICASA and the BCCSA and appear at these bodies when necessary.

Mr Mathibe in addition to his Legal Qualifications holds various business diplomas and certificates in
Project Management
Human Resources
Leadership Communication
Coaching for High Performance
Competency Based Recruitment
Customer relations
Management Advancement Programs
Medical Law and Defamation
Intellectual Property Rights Certificate

In 2014 Mr Mathibe completed his course with the Law Society’s continuing education in preparation for his re-entry into the Attorneys profession. In the second Quarter of 2014 Mr Mathibe joined Thabiso Maseko Attorneys as a partner and is actively involved in pursuing his career as an attorney.
He is now practising for his own account as an Attorney under the name and style Mathibe Thabang Attorneys and his preferred areas of speciality is Broadcasting and Music.

Mr Thabang Mathibe is a Trustee at IMPRA (Independent Music Performance Rights Association), an association specifically incorporated to collect and distribute music royalties on behalf of its members.
One of his career highlights is that he assisted IMPRA with its application be accredited by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) through the Companies Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) as a Music Rights Collecting Society, an achievement which set IMPRA to be able to trade as it currently does thereby laying the basis for bringing the previously marginalised local recording labels, artists and performers within the formal mainstream of the business of music so they can finally reap the fruits of their intellectual creations.

He is highly involved as part of a team in the advocacy and negotiation of licensing. Through these efforts users are given permission to access and use the repertoire of IMPRA members in exchange for payment of royalties. It is these funds that in turn get paid to members for their creations.

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