Collection of needletime royalties

“IMPRA is a recently established collection in 2014, society specifically for collection of needletime royalties. It is a matter of public knowledge that the SABC has not as yet paid this specific type of royalty. We were however assured that processes and preparations are underway to ensure that payment is made as soon as is feasible. We have in this regard been in constant contact with the SABC and are quite hopeful that payment of this royalty will be made in due course which when paid will alleviate the plight of our members who were previously for one reason or the other excluded from benefits flowing from the general royalty management regime.

It is quite curious that attention is focused only on one broadcaster. For purposes of balance other broadcasters should receive the same kind of scrutiny so that the overall kitty anticipated from all broadcasters when eventually paid will bring the previously marginalised artists within the realm of the formal and mainstream royalty management and ensure a guaranteed source of income for their creative talent.

Obviously the lack of payment from all the broadcasters is proving quite problematic for the survival of our organisation but over and above that non-payment alone is not the only key issue. The other problem we are faced with is to bring our indigenous and local music content within the mainstream of the music industry not only for its preservation but also as an issue of its unique identity and national pride”.


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