SUB: Intervention by IMPRA as per the Minister’s call on Relief for Artists.

Dodo Monamodi wrote to appraise the Minister of Sports,Arts and Culture,MP Nathi Mthethwa of the progress IMPRA has made thus far regarding the call from the  Minister in relation to the matters arising from the National crisis of the COVID-19,

We gladly appreciate the support the Minister is giving to our Artists during this dire times.

We gladly reported to the Minister that since the 27th March 2020 and following the Press Conference by the Minister to make an extensive call to the Collecting Societies requesting them to make a meaningful interventions for our Artists in pushing the frontiers of the Covid 19 that is causing uncertainty to our Artists, We brought it to the attention of the Minister that We have been tirelessly knocking from the doors of the potential income for our Artist like the SABC since early this morning.

Dodo Monamodi has been engaging the SABC Particularly the CEO of SABC to try and speedy up the processes of Needletime Payments,Dodo Monamodi has now formally engaged and wrote an urgent  letter to the Office of CEO SABC in pursuance of the release of the Distributable monies. We have been in constant talks with the SABC even recently about the payment of the next Royatly Distributions 2015/2016.To this end we have submitted and presented our Distribution Report to the SABC on how monies of 2014/2015 were Distributed,there is a mutual agreement with the SABC to pay the next needle time Royalties 2015/2016.

SABC has a legal obligation to discharge their duties by paying IMPRA for the usage of its repertoire,Further In our meeting with the SABC we had agreed that they will undertake the necessary preparation  and or processes in engaging the Senior management in this regard.

With the greatest of respect IMPRA Boss Dodo Monamodi and his Legal IMPRA team is working tirelessly  to impress upon the SABC as a matter of national importance to  release payment as may be due within the confines of the law and that this be done a.s.a.p. to enable our organization to assist by  making the necessary payments to Artists  thereby stemming their  plight of Artists in these trying times as there is as a matter of law certain requirements that must also be complied with.

To this end,IMPRA Boss,Dodo Monamodi reported to the Office of the DG Sports Arts and Culture Mr Mkhize to re commit of IMPRA  to the call of the Minister and requesting the Intervention of the Office of the DG with his counterpart in requesting the Ministry of Communication to impress on the SABC to release the payable Royalties of our Local Artists which will make the request of the Minister a reality.


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