Important Notice To Members

Important Notice To Members

Dear IMPRA Member,

On 17 July 2019,two of our members came to visit our Office in a request of the update of their Royalties,These two members were accompanied by  Mr. Brian Mokoena. A member of IMPRA’s personnel explained the procedures involved in effecting a distribution to the two members. Mr. Mokoena was seemingly not satisfied with the explanation given and started behaving in a threatening and harassing way towards the female employee that was trying to assist our members. When a male employee intervened and told Mr. Mokoena to keep his conduct in check and to stop swearing at the female employee, Mr. Mokoena then threatened the male employee, telling him that he would “come back later” to deal him.A security Company was then called to request Mr Mokoena to leave the IMPRA premises and he refused and after a lengthy dramatic situation,He then left accompanied with the two members, Given Mr. Mokoena’s conduct, we had no choice but to lay a charge of assault against him with the Police – and we are in the process of obtaining a restraining order against him too,our Office later engaged our members who unreservedly apologised,distancing themselves from the staged dramatic behavior from Mr Brian Mokoena and confirmed that they were not expecting such behavior from Mr Brian who accompanied them to the Office.We have such an apology in writing for any further clarity,

We request to all our members to remain resolute as the Distribution process is unfolding,Your patience and understanding will be highly appreciated during this time of our young Distribution Institution that is under severe attack.


It has now been brought to our attention that a notice is being circulated by Mr Brian Mokoena who alleges contravening statements against IMPRA and spreading unfounded allegations.

Please contact our IMPRA Offices (011 675 0895-011 475 1842)


Please contact our offices if you have any enquiries regarding this matter.


Warm regards

Dodo Monamodi


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