President Mr Dodo Moses Monamodi

Mr Monamodi is a pastor, entrepreneur and a visionary leader. He started his career as a performing artist. He attended Funda Arts College for 3 years and furthered his studies at Wits where he obtained a diploma in music theory. He worked for a musicians union called Universal Brotherhood Consortium that became Musa and currently trading CWMUSA. He served as a contract consultant in the latter part of his association with that entity.

In the interim he attended Eplow House College where he qualified as a sound engineer and went on to lecture there for an additional year as a digital sound engineer. Dodo, as he is affectionately known in the industry worked for many recording studios in and around Johannesburg like, Cyber force Studios, Noise 2 Productions, Sizwe Zako Studios, and Cool Spot Productions. He went on to record with big artist such as Lundi, Blondie, Oleseng, Sinky, Coyote, Kholeka, Mojeremane, Solly Moholo, Solly Mthiya, Matlakala, The Comforters, Brenda Fassie, the list is endless.

In 2004 Dodo resigned from Cool Spot Productions to establish his own record label, Dojam Productions, which is just as successful if not more now as it was then. In 2006 he was recruited by AIRCO (Association of Independent record Labels of South Africa) as a Board Member and went on to become an Executive member. In 2009 with the recommendation of the then Minister of Arts and Culture (DAC) the Honourable Nathi Mthethwa and the constituency, he was elected as chairman of the organisation. AIRCO is an organisation that represents the interest of independent record labels of South Africa. Through his remarkable leadership he elevated the previously shunned local music industry by ensuring that it gets the recognition it deserved as an important and equal role player in the music industry. This elevation would ensure that no major decisions in the industry would be taken without involving and/or input from AIRCO. This was a historical and defining moment for those who local artist who could not access the “means” to showcase their talent in exchange for their deserved financial benefit.

From 2006- 2009 Dodo was recruited by MIDEM to represent the South African music industry in France. In 2009 Dodo also had a seat in parliament as an advisory committee member to the Minister of Arts and Culture, heading the music industries special projects like MIDEM and the Haiti Music Contribution.

Remarkably Dodo and his Board members secured a Licencing Agreement deal with broadcasters SABC and Urban Brew to collect video royalties for their members and non- Risa members. The benefit to members of these Licensing Agreements is that broadcasters would pay amounts for usage of the audio-visuals which would in turn be paid over to AIRCO members and non-members as royalties. This led to the revival of many independent record companies like 999 Music and Black Coffee Productions and many more that are currently occupying our South African markets. Stakeholders in the music industry in the broadest sense now have a new found incentive to invest more resources in their various businesses to improve among others the quality of their products with assurance and knowledge of a financial reward. Improvements in this regard attracts demand and audiences for the product which in turn leads to the increase of broadcast of local content.
With this in mind Dodo designed a project and went on a countrywide roadshow to conduct workshops and exhibitions that assisted in ensuring that independent record companies are moving from the periphery to the centre of the music business.

In 2012 Mr Dodo Monamodi was appointed by the minister of Arts and Culture Mr Paul Mashatile and deployed as an International Relations Officer for music to the African States, to implement the Programme of Cooperation (POC), Dodo successfully engaged with some of the African regions, the notable success of these engagements being an agreement with Congo in terms of which South Africa was invited to partake in the Festival of Pan Africa (FESPAM). It is a biannual festival that allows both South African and Congolese artist to share the same stage here in South Africa and in Congo.
Mr Monamodi has served on many boards that are busy transforming our South African music industry. One of them is Moshito (A National Body that represents all the music associations, SAMBRO, SAMPRA, AIRCO, RISA, CWUSA, etc.), this festival specialises in exhibitions and conferencing for the entire South African music industry. He served at MIFSA (Music Industries Federation of South Africa) as an executive member. MIFSA represents all the key role playing associations of the music industry, such as, promoter associations, recording companies, artist associations, unions, and collecting societies. MIFSA is an association that represents the music industry at large. Dodo managed to secure deals on behalf of his team to sustain the lifespan of many record companies in South Africa. He also served on the board of Tshwane TV.

In 2013 Paul Mashitile appointed Mr Monamodi to serve on the National Local Task Team to ensure that our local music is protected and developed. He was also appointed by the Minister as Treasurer General of CCIFSA (Cultural and Creative Industries Federation of South Africa). CCIFSA is the largest body within the cultural and creative industries sector as it seeks to represent all the necessary players from, music, advertising, film, craft, dance, technical etc. In 2013 he was also appointed to serve as an Advisory Board member of Communications up to 2017.

Mr Dodo Moses Monamodi is the current chairperson of AIRCO GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT TRUST and the current president of IMPRA.


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