President’s Public Speech

To the extent that the Bill seeks to collapse all collecting societies into one, the Bill will offend the radical economic transformation agenda of the Government.
For a long time, and throughout the Apartheid era, artist have been extremely exploited and left to languish in poverty while the Collecting Society shareholders unjustly enriched themselves with the fruits of hardworking artist that were subjected to oppressive contracts.

It was with this background in mind that IMPRA was established with the primary objective of ensuring that the Royalty regime industry is transformed in such a way that artist and proudly South African record companies are benefitting equally on needle-time royalties and not the collecting societies. The artist should truly benefit from their God given talents.
IMPRA is also launching a standard artist contract which must embed or reflect a clause that pronounces needle-time royalty that is equally payable between artist and a Proudly South African company to change the previous ills.

In order to guarantee transformation of the industry and ensure that the artist benefit fully from their art, it is imperative that we look at them as equals as with any citizen before the law.
The constitution guarantees every citizen the right of association. This right entails the freedom to choose with whom any citizen wishes to freely associate. The Bill will seek to curtail the freedom of association and force every artist to belong to one collecting society.

Regardless of whether there would be an administrative advantage, this alone is not enough to trample over a constitutionally guaranteed right of freedom of association. Currently the Bill is undermining the competition laws of our country because it is seeking to eliminate competition which we need as a country for a healthy industry to serve its customers.


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